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Irina Timchenko, an experienced educator, an expert in interpersonal communication and relationships.

Dear Visitor,

I am glad you are visiting this page, which means that you are interested in learning the basics of Russian conersational language with the purpose of further communication with your Russian speaking soul mate. As an experienced educator and relationships counsellor, I am here to assist you in making the provess enjoyable, fast, and simple.

When I was making my first steps in language teaching, I quickly realized that it is not the number of words and grammar rules that one needs to know to master Russian language. It is the quality of the speech that really matters. This quality is often determined by two simple things: a good selection of the right phrases, and the correct intonation.

Later, in my practice as a counselor for international couples, I received many confirmations of this fact. I am often contacted by men who ask me for advice about communication with their Russian brides or girlfriends. Quite often, a man would ask me to teach him how to say some particular words in Russian. He does not intend to communicate with HER in Russian. Thus, he does not need to learn the language thoroughly: he only needs to surprise and please her by pronouncing his words well, and then he will read the response in her eyes.

Imagine that you want to take a step forward in a relationship with a woman who has caught your heart. You want to make it clear that you are ready for engagement. You buy a ring and you go across the ocean, exactly as she'd been picturing it in her best dreams since she was a girl. You meet her in her country and arrange to have a romantic dinner with candles and champagne, in the privacy of your apartment. On such an occasion, you certainly don't want to talk to her via interpreter. Well, when the most important moment comes, you open the box, take out the ring, take her hand and- you must say something! Something like “This is for you. Let this ring connect us until we are together forever.” Well, if you are able to say these words in Russian, she will adore you!

To assist you with learning exactly the phrases which you may need in particular situations of romantic communication, my team and I created a book of the most commonly used Russian phrases and called it The Romantic Russian Phrase Book. This phrase book will make your task of mastering Russian simple and exciting. It is going to offer you a collection of the easiest to remember, the simplest to pronounce and the most meaningful phrases to use in such situations. Make it simple, but meaningful! This was my motto when I was developing the material for this phrase book. You don't have to study hard or to drill anything here. Just keep the book within easy reach, periodically pick out some phrases randomly and try to repeat them for fun after the audio-guide, and you will memorize the phrases before you know it. If you have difficulties with pronouncing phrases, or understanding some language structures, I will be only an email or a Skype call away. You can contact me via this Web site, to request information, an online Skype meeting, or services.

Learn Russian with love, and you will succeed, no doubt! Good luck!

Irina Timchenko.

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