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Discount for classes Romantic Russian for Beginners
Course code: RRB1

Cost: $235 $210 Duration of course: 2 months
Sign up now! Hours: 16

The course is intended for foreign men seeking marriage in Russia or other Russian-speaking countries, who are planning to visit their fiancées and need to obtain basic knowledge of simple conversational tools for everyday communication during their Russian trip. The course was developed on the basis of the Romantic Russian course onlineRomantic Russian Phrasebook, created by the team of Russian language teachers at Discover school of virtual education.

Click to listen to a sample dialog from the Romantic Russian Phrasebook-

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The online course provides basic, easy to remember and commonly used tools of conversational language, fundamental rules of pronunciation and intonation, and a set of the simplest grammar, which is critical for every beginner. As the online course is directed at virtual teaching and training of learners' speaking skills through imitation of everyday life situations, it is rich in conversational exercises, roleplay, communication games and dialogs. This will help the group learners develop their speaking ability in a short term of time.

The course can be taught both, to individual students and to groups of learners. The preference is given to group classes, for learners can imitate numerous communication situations together, develop friendships, and enjoy friendly and humorous environment of the classes.

The course can be enriched by additional opportunity of weekly online communication with a relationships counselor Irina Timchenko, a native Russian who specializes in working with couples of Russian women and foreign men. The weekly online discussions hosted by Irina Timchenko, are provided for FREE to those who are taking the course of Romantic Russian.

Please sign up now, and your teacher will contact you back to inform you about the classes timetable and about the virtual classroom registration. Payment for this course must be received not later than 10 days prior to the date of the first scheduled class. Group classes have 5 - 9 students.

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