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Survival Russian
Course code: R1

Cost: $235 Duration of course: 2 months
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Hours: 16

The course is beneficial to those who are planning to visit Russia, Ukraine or other Russian speaking countries. It is perfect for English-speaking learners who survival Russian course onlineneed to quickly get to know the minimal number of words and phrases, to be able to "survive" in Russian-speaking environment. It helps students to develop their skills and abilities in speaking, listening, reading, and negotiation in situations of everyday communication. The blocks of grammar and vocabulary are structured functionally to help every learner to master reading, writing and pronunciation through communication.

Students of this course will take a full spectrum of the language knowledge by learning to use the most common language structure through communication with each other and with their teacher. A number of roleplays, imitation exercises and simulation of real life situations in virtual classroom will be suggested to develop general understanding of Russian sentence structure and particular grammar rules which are a number one need for each speaker of Russian.

The students will learn how to read, write, pronounce and compose simple sentences, make up questions and build simple statements, mostly groundiing on associations with similar structures of English language. The accent will be made on practicing simple but commonly used speaking patterns. The main goal of this course is to reveal the simple ways of dealing with everyday conversations, and make simple communication possible for the learner even at the initial stage of language learning.

Russian language onlineYour native Russian teacher will also be fluent in English, so you will discover a lot about Russian Language structures that only a native Russian can point out and explain properly to you. The course is also beneficial to those whose native language is not English, but who can comunicate in English a bit.

The course is structured to accommodate 5-9 students in a virtual classroom at a time. You will take 16 one-hour-long classes during the two months period and may sign up for the next level upon successful completion of this course.

Please sign up now and your teacher will contact you back to inform you about the classes timetable and about the virtual classroom registration. Payment for this course must be received not later than 10 days prior to the date of the first scheduled class. Group classes have 5 - 9 students.

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