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Ukrainian as a foreign language

Course code: U1
Oleg Lavrentyev

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This course is developed especially for those who are coming to Ukraine for travel, business or personal reasons and do not want to be lost among numerous signs and inscriptions. For many years politically, economically and culturally connected to Russia, the Ukrainian population has inherited the Russian language as the native. Especially it concerns the Central, Eastern and Southern parts of Ukraine where the majority of people still speaks Russian. Nevertheless the official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Thus, according to the national laws all the documents, train and bus tickets, announcements, public television, signboards and inscriptions, etc. are to be in Ukrainian. Even when you are buying a bottle of the drinking water in a superstore all the necessary data is written in Ukrainian. This course might be interesting for the people who would like to be able at least on the basic level to get the vital information during their visit to Ukraine.

You will learn to read Ukrainian, to orient in critical situations: at the metro, railroad and bus stations, downtown, etc., to check your bus and train tickets, to check the production date about the food you are buying and other information necessary while your staying in Ukraine.

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