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Tetyana Bykova is Discover's leading expert in Japanese language and culture, also fluent in English.
She is a young teacher and interpreter living in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Adores communicating and encouraging others.
The native language is Russian, also speaks Ukrainian. Learning and teaching languages has always been her passion.

The Advantages Of Online Language Learning

It is always amazing how people learned to communicate through language differences.
My good friend told me a story of his parents who learned to love each other even not being able to communicate! Well, I only mean they could not communicate through a speaking language. His father could speak English, knew ancient Greek and Latin, and my friend’s mother spoke German, French, Hungarian, Farsi, Turkish and modern Greek, which is very different from the ancient Greek. But they learned to use the language of heart!
And all that took place during World War II, the hard war time. What an amazing example of understanding each other without words.
But I always wondered and tried to imagine the first people who created the first dictionaries. How they would understand the meaning of the words they had to put into another language, how they would find the explanations etc.
Since ancient times, the man has been studying languages. In fact, he had to, so that he was able to trade with foreign cities – the issues of economy and trade have always created the basis for all kinds of connections between states.
Today, we expand our looks on the world via communication in international communities online, where we get to know new people every day. Online chats and forums give many opportunities to find new friends and to socialize without having to leave our homes or offices. Learning online is becoming more and more popular, as well.
In our world today, we tend to communicate despite of any cultural and language differences. Thus, we learn about other countries, we travel a lot, and, between travel, if you have some free time (say, 1 or 2 hours a week), you can spend it on learning of a foreign language. Today, it’s becoming more and more convenient to communicate and learn with the help of high technologies, such as online communication chat rooms, web conference rooms or so-called virtual classrooms.
While studying a language in a virtual room with a foreign teacher, you can find it comfortable to connect to Internet and “jump” into a virtual classroom right from your own computer. No need to travel to the meeting – just a couple of clicks, and you are talking with your distant teacher, or rather an instructor – the expert who can assist you about any piece of knowledge,
Your online instructor can advise you about what to do and how during the lesson. Your teacher is usually the one who will do more than just telling about the grammar rules of the language, but also the one who will take your hand through the cultural peculiarities of the country which language you are studying. Sounds interesting? - then, contact Discover School team to ask what are available today.
Do not hesitate to ask questions about the language which you would like to study, and about the culture of the country which you are going to visit. Your online instructor will do everything possible to provide you complete information to answer your question.
And then you don't need to do anything but just a few clicks again – and your distant community of friends will welcome you on a different site in Internet. Online communication has almost replaced the real life communication to most of us, and is continuing to take more and more of our time every day.
Your online community of language learners is already waiting for you at Discover school of virtual education. Read about our and try it, if you are interested. Also, please check this website for more educational and communication events frequently - we update the information every week. 

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