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Tetyana Bykova is Discover's leading expert in Japanese language and culture, also fluent in English.
She is a young teacher and interpreter living in Ukraine, Kharkiv. Adores communicating and encouraging others.
The native language is Russian, also speaks Ukrainian. Learning and teaching languages has always been her passion.

Why Is Ukrainian Education Good?
To me it takes the roots from our national characteristics - and this is a great pleasure for me to tell you about the greatest potential and enthusiasm of Ukrainians. I remember my own teachers in the institute who were eager to tell us as much as they know about the subject. Yet, it is a fact that the educational work is one of the most low-paid in Ukraine. I wonder what Bismarck would say if he happened to live in our time in our country - I used to make a research about his diplomatic activity, and while practically building up a new nation of Germans he was conceived that teachers played near the most important role in the raising the new generations. And I absolutely agree - we believe in what we are taught at young age.

It is not popular or prestigious to become a teacher in Ukraine in our days. When I was younger and was asked who I wanted to be, my answer was - a teacher. I did not really dream about it, to be honest I just had to say something in reply, and that was the first thing that came into mind. Maybe that somehow spiritually came from my mother who always wanted to teach, however that never realized, but came to me. Yes, I am a teacher now and I teach students, just a little younger than myself - that is why it is always a little fun to watch their faces when I am entering the classroom to meet my new students each year (smile). And I enjoy my job which I used to doubt before, so did my friends. I remember being told that this job is nothing but nerves and ever-lasting troubles with children.

Well, I can say that I am rather enthusiastic about teaching. And most of teachers I have seen are. One of my friends and colleges said once she enjoyed teaching because she could see the instant result of work - today you explain, and next time the students show you how well they got it.

Seeing the result stimulates a great deal to move forward together with our students.

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