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Russian as a Foreign Language

Course: Survival Russian

The Survival Russian stresses grammar and vocabulary structured functionally in order to fulfill communicative purposes in written and oral speech. You will obtain speaking, listening and reading skills in situations connected with everyday, social and cultural spheres of communication in Russian-speaking countries.


Course: Russian for Beginners

The Russian for Beginners Course is an accelerated combination of studying and practicing pronunciation and basic grammar. You will learn how to pronounce Russian sounds and gradually master to learn Russian syllables, words, sentences.


Couorse: Russian for Advanced Learners

This course is a continuation of a Basic Course and may be taken by those who have mastered the fundamentals of Russian language. The course prepares students to intermediate writing and speaking skills.


Course: Reading in Russian (all levels)

This course is a good continuation for those having mastered the fundamentals of Russian language and needs permanent improving and widening vocabulary. Students develop skills in reading comprehensive texts of different fields including passages from classical Russian literature, newspaper articles, science etc.


Course: Russian Character Through Russian Literature

Through reading and discussing works of famous and not known much Russian Classics writers who described the Russian spirit you will be involved in the Russian culture and will get better understanding of Slavic behavior and manners.


Course: Russian for Japanese Speakers

The Russian language becomes more and more popular in Japan and this is why we have designed The Course of Russian language for Japanese speakers. Either a native Russian speaker or a Japanese instructor speaking Russian will introduce you to the fundamentals of the language.

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